NAMTAI Sustainability

NAMTAI commits to create a perfect city, which provides opportunities and benefits to all customer, and to develop the business and grow socio-economy

Our Future Is Sustainability Management

The Company is determined to grow it business and socio-economy together with good coexistence between the industries and surrounding communities on the basis of responsibility to natural resources and environmental preservation. As large industrial cities consume a lot of resources by nature, it thus directly and indirectly causes both positive and negative impacts on the economy, society and environment. Therefore, the Company has been operating strictly according to the “ALL WIN” philosophy which focuses on creating value to its customer, along with the Company’s business growth.

Our Approach

Corporate Sustainability Management

  • Our Policies & Key Strategies
  • Framework
  • Customer Engagement
  • Materiality

Fundamental of Corporate Sustainability

  • Corporate Governance
  • Business Ethics & Anti-corruption
  • Law & Regulatory Compliance
  • Risk & Crisis Management

Economic Growth

  • Sustainable Product & Service Development
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management