Ready-built workshop for hire F3, G7 is starting construction job

The new read-built workshops for hire F3, G7 of NamTai Bussiness Park will be finished and ready in next 5 months from now.

The total area of G7 worshop is 8.944m2 as details

  • G7.1 worshop: 2.464 m2
  • G7.2 workshop: 2.464 m2
  • Security box: 9m2
  • Utility house: 40m2
  • Motorbike parking: 350m2

The total area of F3 workshop is 18.459m2 as details

  • F3.1 workshop: 3.360m2
  • F3.2 workshop: 3.360m2
  • F3.3 workshop: 3.360m2
  • Motorbike parking: 986m2
  • Security box: 9m2

Please contact with Mrs Duyên: 0904054786 or to get more informations and take the best price for your project.

Best regards

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